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2023-06-12 08.00_edited.jpg
2023-06-12 08.00_edited.jpg
2023-06-12 08.00_edited.jpg

Karen Konowitz

About Me.

Greetings, esteemed art enthusiasts! Allow me to introduce myself as Karen Konowitz, an artist whose heart has been captivated by the mesmerizing world of painting since the tender years of my childhood. Over the course of my artistic journey, I have incessantly strived to elevate my skills, all while surrendering to the enchanting muse that delicately twirls within the realms of my imagination.

Having traversed numerous corners of the globe, I have been blessed with the invaluable gift of diverse experiences, each of which acts as a profound wellspring of inspiration for my artistic creations. Within the tapestry of these kaleidoscopic encounters, I find the fuel to ignite my creative fire, breathing life into each brushstroke.  My current artistic obsession sets my soul ablaze: in the captivating realm of Ancient Melodies.  Within this ethereal domain, I weave a symphony of visual and musical harmony upon the canvas as if conducting an orchestra of color; I've vibrantly painted ancient symbols, each with an enchanting melody. Each composition bears resonance through the fibers of my artwork, waiting to be seen and sung to the world.

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